Suntrust Success

Every client we get to help we approach with an open mind and heart, but clients who have Flagstar, Ocwen and Suntrust we have a special place in our heart. If we’re completely honest those are just the files we don’t want to work.  Add on top of that, Freddie Mac and you’re one Google search away from find out these are “deadly” combinations for home owners to avoid foreclosure.

484 Shoal Court In Lawrenceville was a home that looked nice on the inside but had termites crawling on the inside as well as iron bars covering the windows.  After 2 investors bailed out of buying this home and after a water leak destroyed any hope of getting the full value, we were left with the only option… Not give up, nope, we got the insurance to help repair the damage and just found another buyer that was willing to invest in the home but this buyer was a home buyer not an investor so he loved this deal even more.

Good thing to, because like most short sales we do, our client had a real hardship and there was nothing “strategic” about this one. She was doing the right thing and after all those months and hurdles we were able to pull it off in Lawrenceville.