Suntrust Short Sale Success

Suntrust Short Sale Success

Suntrust Success

Every client we get to help we approach with an open mind and heart, but clients who have Flagstar, Ocwen and Suntrust we have a special place in our heart. If we’re completely honest those are just the files we don’t want to work.  Add on top of that, Freddie Mac and you’re one Google search away from find out these are “deadly” combinations for home owners to avoid foreclosure. (more…)

Wells Fargo Short Sale Sucess Story

IMG_3524We bring you another success story this time featuring Wells Fargo and their servicer ASC.  This particular home was a condo in Decatur with 2 liens on it.  To top it off, the home did not have an air condition and had not been updated in 20+ years of ownership.   The owner had lost his job and frankly had been struggling for some time.  When he called it was only a short time before the home would be foreclosed.  Unlike most homes in this price point (under $50K) this one could not be rented due to HOA restrictions. (more…)

Short Sale Success In Buford, Again!

3319HamptonPlace (15)

This short sale success story is special to us.  This couple had not only lost their job but had mounting medical bills as well as taking additional responsibilities as caregivers for some of their Grandchildren.  It was one of those short sales in Buford that we just say, ironically, “Praise the Lord for short sales.”

The lender was M&T with Bayview Servicing servicing the loan.  Even with a clear hardship this short sale faced several problems.   (more…)

Short Sale Success Story In Buford

frontThis site has been live for almost 4 years and we failed to tell you of our success.  Not to boast but rather to share the short sale success stories we’ve had (and failures) so that you can see what will work for you or not.

One of the most memorable stories was a home for sale in Buford.  It was a Chase short sale and our client had lost his job.  Just months prior he was working hand in hand with a prominent author in leadership.  Unfortunately for him, his boss sold the company which left him as an odd man out.  After several months of trying to make ends meet he could no longer afford the home.  This continued for over a year when Chase told him about a short sale. (more…)