Short Sale Process – Pricing Your Home

Short Sale Process – Pricing Your Home

Hopefully you watched our other video about pricing or possibly read our post at Gahomedigest about How to Price Your Home, but those post and this one go hand and hand if you are a short sale seller.  This is all part of the short sale process – pricing your home!

Pricing your home to sell as a short sale seller is crucial.  It could mean the difference of going into foreclosure or not.  If you are not using the Jarvis Team, then you must be instruct your agent to be as aggressive as possible, without being ridiculous.  This post isn’t about finding comparables or understanding market value, it’s about the short sale process and pricing your home correctly (low) to get it to sell for the highest possible amount.



Chateau Elan Short Sale Review

Chateau Elan Short Sale Review

Chateau Elan Short SalesI decided to review Chateau Elan Short Sales to see if there were any oustanding deals.  What I found was amazing, there are homes there at 50% off.  The photo here isn’t clip art, this is the foyer of a home in Chateau Elan that is selling for about half of what it was originally.

See Chateau Elan Short Sales.

What amazed me was that the number of short sales available was low and that the effort put into selling them was so low.  Several of the homes don’t have photos!  I understand if you don’t take a photo of a $60K house, but a home that used to retail in the Millions should have some good photos.

Stay tuned for our report on why luxury short sales are easier than regular ones!


Hamilton Mill Short Sales

A while back I did some research on some popular neighborhoods in the area and their short sales. Two things that came up was:
1. Most people who live in these popular neighborhoods were not aware that short sales were an option.
2. Many buyers didn’t even look in these areas, they thought that these subdivisions were unaffected by the market.

You can get into a neighborhood like Hamilton Mill for the low $200K range which is unheard of in Hamilton Mill.

Where do you get your short sale info?

Where do you get your Short Sale Information? (Part one)

Where do you get your information on Short Sales? How about bankruptcy?  Are you getting it from people who profit from it (Like me) or are you doing your own research?  This Short Sale Video goes in-depth talking about why you should do your own research.

Short Sale Gameplan

In our first post on Foreclosure VS Short Sale we talked the about the pros and cons.  However, now that it is abundantly clear to everyone why you should do a short sale we thought it was time to address the most glaring issue in a short sale situation, and that is Mindset.  Someone’s mindset or gameplan is important.  This video goes into detail on why it’s important to think about your gameplan.