Navy Federal Credit Union Short Sale E-mail

NFCU is at it again.  We routinely get e-mails from clients and realtors alike regarding their experience with short sales.  Some are similar to our videos and some are horror stories to say the least!  Navy Federal Credit Union can and will do a short sale with you but the way they treat their veteran customers is appalling.  We mentioned it in this NFCU video, but check out this e-mail I received from a Real Estate Agent in another state.





As a 12 Veteran of the US Navy and the spouse of a 25 year active duty Marine Corps Officer, NFCU is the worst possible company to do business with in terms of home loans. I am also realtor (13 Years) and have personally and successfully assisted my clients thru the Short Sale Process. (more…)

Short Sale Twitter Accounts

Short Sale Twitter Accounts

Short Sale Twitter Accounts

short sale twitter accountsYou might think this is an odd thing to think about, but a few of the big banks have short sale twitter accounts.   Ok, so they don’t have “SHORT SALE” twitter accounts, but they do have accounts on twitter for help.  In particular, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Suntrust have very active “help” accounts.  If you are running into roadblocks on your short sale then they should be able to help.  It’s worth noting that you really need to be the seller (home owner) or an authorized party.  Otherwise, the best they can do is refer you to their customer service line.

The key to utilizing these social networks with the banks is to wait until there has been enough time passed and there is a real reason to complain, so to speak.  Then you may have to “blast” them a few times in order to get an answer.  Don’t get discouraged, they’ll ask you to “follow them” and then DM  (Direct Message).  If you aren’t a twitter user, that’s OK, but you’ll need an account to use this technique.

The Bank of America Short Sale twitter Account is: @BofA_Help

The Wells Fargo Short Sale twitter Account is: @Ask_WellsFargo

The Suntrust Short Sale twitter Account is: @AskSuntrust


Bank Of America Short Sale Buyer Swap

What To Do If Your Bank Of America Short Sale Buyer Walked?

What Do You Do If Your Bank Of America Short Sale Buyer Walked? You can do a buyer swap. That’s right you can now swap buyers out without having to start over with your Bank of America Short Sale. This has been requested for, for some time now, but it’s finally a reality. The reason they didn’t do it before was to prevent “investors” from abusing the system. At least that’s the story we were told!

In any case, this is great news if you are a short sale agent, short sale seller or even short sale buyer!

The video below goes into more detail about this news.

Suntrust Negotiations

Every now and then you’re reminded why short sales get a bad rap.  Actually, every day you are reminded.  I wanted to share this story that we had experienced with a Suntrust negotiator while working on a client’s short sale.  We did get it closed successfully by the way!