Short Sale Agent Resources

If you’re here then you are either researching the Jarvis Team or trying to help out your client. In either case, we hope we can help.

If you are an agent that is looking for offer instructions for our listings. Please download Short Sale Buyer’s Agent Check List

Quick FAQ for Agents

  1. All listings are up to date in the FMLS
  2. One offer at a time is submitted to the bank
  3. The owner reviews all offers and will sign one (back ups are welcome)
  4. We close over 90% of our short sales
  5. The average time is right at 90 days
  6. Yes, you must use our attorney
  7. Yes, your buyer needs to be pre-APPROVED
  8. Yes, we need earnest money

We love to co-op, so bring us an offer.

Here’s what we have to say about multiple offers on a short sale.

Other helpful resources: