Citimortgage Short Sale – Citi Short Sale

citi-short-saleCitimortgage Short Sale – Citi Short Sale

Our experience comes from completing 100’s of short sales and one of our “favorite” (if you can call it a favorite, we don’t like the short sale process) is Citi Short Sales.   Careful when you visit their website, they suggest a Deed-in-lieu, which for a Citi Short Sale in GA, is the same as a foreclosure, just minus the legal process.

Citimortgage Short Sales are some of the most simple (not easy) short sales to complete.  Citi short sale department is very proactive about contacting the agents and the sellers about completing the short sale.  As one of the largest banks in the US, Citi sets an example for others to follow.  Citi Short Sales and Wells Fargo Short Sales are the “easiest”

Citi has their own forms and processes, but none of them are that much different than the standard.  Just contact us and we can e-mail you out the Citi Short Sale package.  Keep in mind that we’re doing things from a Georgia perspective.

In some cases, the Jarvis Team of Atlanta can get the short sale approved in 30 days when it’s a citimortgage short sale.  Citimortgage is very predictable however, in some instances, such as ones involving a MI (mortgage insurance) company, there can be delays.  It’s safe to use the 90 day rule on Citimortgage short sales.  However, unlike other banks, if you’re doing a Citi Short Sale in GA then 90 days is an over-estimate and not wishful thinking.

Although I wish that banks would create Certified Short Sale Specialists, unfortunately there is no such thing.  So there are no official Citi Short Sale agents, but we’ve closed enough to qualify for that title!

Contact Numbers for Citimortgage Short Sale Department

CITI Short Sale Information:
(800) 753-3673
General Info:  866-704-8050
Home Equity Dept:  800-685-0935 & 800-283-7918
Short Sale Dept:  866-713-4785
2nd lien Short Sale Dept:  866-520-5499
Short Sale Dept:  800-695-0384


(800) 283-7918