Stop Foreclosure


Stop Foreclosure!

In GA, Foreclosure can happen in 30 days.  We can stop it, the sooner the better.

Avoid Deficiency Judgements

We can’t gaurantee anything but we’ve never had a client face a deficiency, period.  (Over 200 clients)

Take Action

Foreclosure is what happens if you do nothing.  You are in control with a short sale.

99% Success Rate - Get Started!

The Jarvis Team has not lost a home to foreclosure since 2009.

When To Short Sale Your Home

When To Short Sale Your Home We've covered When To Short Sale Your Home before but it's a question that's worth reviewing, especially given the recent changes in the short sale process.  The answer is roughly the same. If you are using your savings to pay your...

What Happens If My Loan Sold?

What Happens If My Loan Sold? A few days ago we covered, What Is The Difference Between A Loan Servicer, Investor and Lender?  today we'll basically be doing a "part 2."  Many time servicers will transfer or sell the rights to a loan.  So you might ask What Happens If...

Short Sale VS Foreclosure

Short Sale VS Foreclosure Don't be a turkey, this one is really an easy fight.  Short Sale VS Foreclosure shouldn't even be a questions. We decided to try to compare the options side by side for you. Short Sale Taking Action Debt...

How To Short Sale In Georgia | Atlanta

How to Short Sale In Georgia is so common of a question I thought it'd best to try to answer it. Ultimately, there's a bunch of other questions like when to short sale or why to short sale, but How to short sale is relatively easy to answer. The short answer would be...