Hamilton Mill Short Sale Review

Hamilton Mill Short Sale Review

When you take a look at the short sale listings it’s pretty interesting.  In our Hamilton Mill Short Sale Review, you’ll see that there’s a few things going on.

  1. The neighborhood itself is relatively strong.  There’s not many short sales or foreclosures.
  2. Agents or homeowners are not being educated about short sales.  There’s double the number of foreclosures as short sales.
  3. There’s no specific demographic or special case.  In other words, there are high end or luxury short sales and foreclosures and lower end short sales and foreclosures.

Below you will see all the Hamilton Mill Short Sales.

Hamilton Mill Short Sales

As you can see there’s not many to choose from.  That doesn’t mean that there aren’t opportunities.  Check out Hamilton Mill Foreclosures too Hamilton Mill Foreclosures in Dacula, GA

Certified Short Sale Agent

You’ve watched my videos before and you’ve likely heard that I’m not fond of the short sale designations because they have very little to do with actual short sale negotiations and more to do with marketing.  Today I am copying and pasting an e-mail I received from foreclosure.com.

Right now I would  like to offer a special deal where you can obtain a Million Dollar Producer Level Broker Network and the Certified Short Sales Agent Designation ( CSSA) for only $149.99!! regular price is 530 !!!!!!
The Certified Short Sale Agent (CSSA) designation is an industry-recognized symbol of excellence and experience. It teaches you how to make short sales an effective and profitable part of your business. It is a MUST have for any serious listing agent.

Please forgive me if I don’t sign up right away.  Our team is focused on helping our clients and education is very important to us, but we seek it out by going directly to the banks or industry leaders that are DOING the business, not just trying to profit from it.

Short Sales Aren’t Quick, but They Go Fast

Short Sales are not quick as some people think.  However, they do sell fast!  This condo in Atlanta on 950 W. Peachtree Street was approved twice by Wells Fargo before it finally closed, but in both instances, the condo went under contract with less than a week on the market.  Be sure to sign up for our updates if you want “first dibs.”

Short Sale Approved in Lawrenceville And Hoschton

It’s official, these two homes are approved! We’ve negotiated with the bank and have approvals on these prices.  We do have interested parties but they are still officially available!

[singlepic id=22 w=320 h=240 float=left]  – Approved price at $360K
Originally Bought at $450K!

[singlepic id=29 w=320 h=240 float=left] – Approved at $120K

Originally bought at $175K!

Hamilton Mill Short Sales

I plan to do some feature neighborhoods in the future but what started me down this path was looking at the short sales in Hamilton Mill.  Hamilton Mill has over 2,000 homes in the neighborhood and as of this blog post there are only 4 advertised short sales or pre-foreclosures.

I’m not sure if that means that the agents are not short sale agents or if it’s a great example of a good community.  Upon further inspection I noticed that none of the Hamilton Mill Specialists are short sale specialists.   Of course their homes would be featured here.