Is The Debt Forgiveness Act Going Away?

Figured it was appropriate to talk about FEAR on a day like today!  So let’s talk about FEAR MONGERERS!

One of the fear tactics that marketers like to use is that “time’s running out”  scheme.  This is where they send you a marketing piece that suggests that inaction could cost you money.  Unfortunately for most short sale sellers, fear tactic marketing seems to be rampant.  In this case, it’s no different.

So is the Debt Forgiveness Act getting extended or not?

No one really knows, but a good CPA like Josh Wilson, CPA can really help you because the short version goes something like this.  You have losses too!   The longer version probably still requires the CPA, but in short you shouldn’t run out and do a short sale simply because this “ACT” is going away, in fact, if you talk to Josh, this “ACT” might not have even been needed except in rare circumstances.