How to Short Sale In Georgia is so common of a question I thought it’d best to try to answer it.

Ultimately, there’s a bunch of other questions like when to short sale or why to short sale, but How to short sale is relatively easy to answer.

The short answer would be to contact the Jarvis Team.

The longer answer is that you really need to get a real estate agent and get an offer on the home for the bank to even consider you for a short sale.  That coupled with your hardship information is enough for you to “qualify.”  I do get angry when I see signs and advertisements for pre-foreclosure or “potential short sale.”  If your home is up for sale as a potential short sale, then your agent doesn’t know what we know.  If you’re upside down on your home and you have an offer, we can do your short sale.

That’s really the reason we think “How to short sale” is kind of silly question, because the only real components are:

  1. your hardship,
  2. the offer
  3. and the value.