Dignified Transition Solutions Short Sale Process

Dignified Transition Solutions Short Sale Process is a new one relative to others.  In our experience they are a third party that Bank of America has outsourced some of their short sale and other loss mitigation services to.   For the most part, the staff at DTS is generally more amiable and ready to attempt to help.  However, a round of phone calls in a day will reveal that their staff lacks the experience and often will add days if not weeks to the short sale process.   Keep in mind though, that these delays won’t be due to negotiations, but just inexperience which makes it somewhat frustrating.

In our experience Dignified Transition Solutions works with a majority of FHA Short Sales.  This process should be easier, but unfortunately, as mentioned above, their inexperience and overall lack of urgency can really wear out a client.  They sure are friendly though.

Expect at least 4 months from start to approval letter if you have a DTS short sale.