You’ve watched my videos before and you’ve likely heard that I’m not fond of the short sale designations because they have very little to do with actual short sale negotiations and more to do with marketing.  Today I am copying and pasting an e-mail I received from

Right now I would  like to offer a special deal where you can obtain a Million Dollar Producer Level Broker Network and the Certified Short Sales Agent Designation ( CSSA) for only $149.99!! regular price is 530 !!!!!!
The Certified Short Sale Agent (CSSA) designation is an industry-recognized symbol of excellence and experience. It teaches you how to make short sales an effective and profitable part of your business. It is a MUST have for any serious listing agent.

Please forgive me if I don’t sign up right away.  Our team is focused on helping our clients and education is very important to us, but we seek it out by going directly to the banks or industry leaders that are DOING the business, not just trying to profit from it.