Certified Short Sale Agent

If you have been thinking about a short sale in Atlanta for any length of time you might have seen or heard about real estate agents who are supposedly certified short sale agents.  The truth is that you can get your certification to do short sales by simply putting your butt in a seat and sitting through the class.  It’s bad enough that there are real estate agents out there claiming they are certified short sale agents but what this video is about is that one agent in particular is advertising a completely bogus certification that only they have.

This particular agent is CDRS certified – to see the kind of crappy stuff that passes for certification see for yourself.  Not only this, but this agent claims to be the only agent in Georgia, while I found several with this certification.  She’s the only one that paid extra for their marketing package.  At the end of the day, all this BS is to get more listings!  Short sales are not about listings, this makes me sick to think that home owners are losing their homes because they hired an agent that cared more about the listing than actually completing the short sale.

Certified Short Sale AgentThis kind of deceptive practices could cost someone their home and I am hoping that it’s not you.  Foreclosure is a big deal, it puts the responsibility about what to do with the deficiency squarely in the bank’s hands.  Please interview your real estate agents, yes you need a short sale specialist, but you should care less if they are a certified short sale agent.